30 mins

(headshots only)

1 outfit

3 retouched photos

Starter Level

Enhanced Level


1 hour

1-2 outfits

10 retouched photos

**$2 for each additional retouched photo

Premium Level


1.5 hours

2 outfits

20 retouched photos

**$1 for each additional retouched photo

Platinum Level


2 hours

3 outfits

30 retouched photos

**$1 for each additional retouched photo

What's It For?

Spread love, spread prayer, and change the world. 

That is The Prayer Movement's motto, and each and every day I strive to achieve those three objectives in one way or another. My heart has become so drawn to seeing my generation be in tune with God, and boldly sharing their faith with others in whatever unique way God allows them to. 

There are so many lives waiting to be encouraged, uplifted, and reminded that God still hears and that prayers still work. While we have been able to create some great apparel to help aid others in bringing such awareness, there's still room for more things to be done. In particular, I'd like to expand our community outreach by providing custom care packages to those in need and creating social events for urban communities in the near future. But, I need your help to accomplish this goal.

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